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Neuigkeiten 2017

Aircraft-section shuttle on the Elbe start running | June 23

Airbus sites in Stade and Finkenwerder get interlinked - Buss Terminal as interface

Happy End of Average | July 10

Stucked cargo ship was released and towed to Cuxhaven on Saturday.

Airbus handles aircraft sections at Stade | July 31

For the future Airbus concentrates on the waterway for the transport of aircraft sections.

Exciting job for yard and ship owner | October 20

Lost anchor equipment: bulk carrier "Talia" moored at Seebäderbrücke for repair works

Salvage succeeded, anchor bacl | October 21

"Wulf 9" with lost anchor equipment of the bulk carrier "Talia" in Cuxhaven

Spectators pursue last act at Seebäderbrücke | October 24

Difficult manoeveur at late Monday forenoon: lost anchor equipment back on bulk carrier "Talia"