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Neuigkeiten 2016

Transport of overall 67 Monopiles from Rostock to Eemshaven for VEJA MATE | August 12

The Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG has transported overall 67 Monopiles (84.5 m length, 7.8 m in dia and a weight of 1,300 tons each) for the Offshore Wind Park Veja Mate from Rostock to Eemshaven with their tug WULF 7 and their barge T.O.W. III. In 23 transports from March to July 2016 the WULF 7 towed, assisted by the steering tug TAUCHER O. WULF 5, three Monopiles per voyage from Rostock to Eemshaven via Kiel Canal.

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Towage of fourth forecaste of the frigate F125 from Wolgast to Hamburg | April 28

On Sunday, 24.04.2015, the tug and tow TAUCHER O. WULF 5 + F125-4 + TAUCHER O. WULF 8 passed the Kiel Canal. The towage of the fourth forecastle of the frigate F125 started on 22.04.2016 in Wolgast at Peene-Werft and ended on 25.04.2016 in Hamburg at Blohm & Voss where the final assembly of the vessel will take place.

Am Sonntag, 24.04.2016, passierte der Schleppzug TAUCHER O. WULF 5 + Fregattenvorschiff F125-4 + TAUCHER O. WULF 8 den Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. Die Verschleppung des vierten Vorschiffes der Fregatte F125 startete am 22.04.2016 in Wolgast bei der Peene-Werft und endete am 25.04.2016 in Hamburg bei Blohm & Voss, wo die Endmontage des Schiffes stattfindet.


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