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Neuigkeiten 2016

Transport of overall 67 Monopiles from Rostock to Eemshaven for VEJA MATE | August 12

The Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG has transported overall 67 Monopiles (84.5 m length, 7.8 m in dia and a weight of 1,300 tons each) for the Offshore Wind Park Veja Mate from Rostock to Eemshaven with their tug WULF 7 and their barge T.O.W. III. In 23 transports from March to July 2016 the WULF 7 towed, assisted by the steering tug TAUCHER O. WULF 5, three Monopiles per voyage from Rostock to Eemshaven via Kiel Canal.

© Heina Dannemann
© Tony Zech

Successful completion of the assistances for the MPI Enterprise in the Offshore Wind Park NORDERGRÜN | November 4

Between May and October 2016 the Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG assists the positioning and repositioning of the Jack-Up Vessel MPI Enterprise at the shallow water locations in the Offshore Wind Park NORDERGRÜNDE with up to four tugs. During overall almost 30 attempts the MPI Enterprise was successfully brought to the relative locations.

 © Wolfhard Scheer

Towage of fourth forecaste of the frigate F125 from Wolgast to Hamburg | April 28

On Sunday, 24.04.2015, the tug and tow TAUCHER O. WULF 5 + F125-4 + TAUCHER O. WULF 8 passed the Kiel Canal. The towage of the fourth forecastle of the frigate F125 started on 22.04.2016 in Wolgast at Peene-Werft and ended on 25.04.2016 in Hamburg at Blohm & Voss where the final assembly of the vessel will take place.

Am Sonntag, 24.04.2016, passierte der Schleppzug TAUCHER O. WULF 5 + Fregattenvorschiff F125-4 + TAUCHER O. WULF 8 den Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. Die Verschleppung des vierten Vorschiffes der Fregatte F125 startete am 22.04.2016 in Wolgast bei der Peene-Werft und endete am 25.04.2016 in Hamburg bei Blohm & Voss, wo die Endmontage des Schiffes stattfindet.


 © Tony Zech