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Specialists for offshore wind parks

The use of wind as a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy is continually increasing in importance. One of the regions particularly suitable as a location for wind power systems, due to the prevailing wind conditions, is the sea. For this reason, several wind parks are now in the planning stage or already under construction in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

These projects however create extremely demanding technical and logistic requirements, which demand special equipment and a great deal of experience. We are the right partner for the logistics and the transport of large and heavy system components, the construction of offshore wind power systems and much more.

We have been involved in this field since the 1990´s, and offer our customers a range of expertise which makes us one of the leading suppliers in this area in Germany: with almost 100 years of company experience with difficult tasks at sea, a great store of know-how, dedicated and experienced employees and the necessary high-performance special equipment.

Our references include amongst others our successful co-operation on the following projects, which you can click on the left side of the screen.

Information on our performance capabilities in the construction and operation of offshore systems can be found in our special company brochure.