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FINO 3 Research Platform

FINO 3 is a monopile research platform which is being erected by the firm of Züblin, as the general contractor, 80 km to the west of Sylt in the North Sea. The platform will serve amongst other things for the gathering of meteorological and oceanographic data. The platform stands in 22 m of water, and reaches an overall height of 172 m. weight 315 t, with a diameter of around 4.75 m and a length of 55 m, the foundation pile was taken over by us from its production location in Rostock, and transported to its future installation location via Cuxhaven.

There, it was picked up by the floating crane and positioned on the pile guide of a jacking rig. "Samson" was then fitted with one of the largest PILE HAMMER in the world in order to drive the pile to a depth of 30 m into the seabed.