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alpha ventus Wind Park

The alpha ventus (or Borkum West Offshore Wind Park) is being constructed approx. 43 km to the North of the North Sea island of Borkum, at a water depth of 30 m. The first German wind park is the first in the world to use multi-brid wind power systems of the currently largest 5-MW class; 12 systems are planned.

We towed the first three of the gigantic foundation blocks (height: 44.6 m; width: 26.3 m; length: 29.5 m) each weighing over 700 t from the place of manufacture in Verdal in Norway, on a special pontoon, first through the narrow and angular Trondheim Fjord, and then a total of a good 800 nautical miles across the North Sea to Wilhelmshaven.

For this project, we also carried out the preparation of the seabed for the laying of the cabling between the individual systems. For this purpose, an area of approx. 4 km² was investigated for potential obstacles and hindrances and then cleared using a special tug-drawn device.