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On the right course for decades

It all began with lost anchors and Captain Otto Wulf (born 1887), who became a legend of the North Sea coast. More than almost anyone else of his time, he knew the special conditions and dangers of the waters off Cuxhaven and the Elbe - and he had an infallible intuition for where he could locate and successfully recover the anchors lost by his customers. He also used his skills and knowledge in helping many ships and crews in distress at sea.

In 1921, he founded his own salvage company, which due to his ability and readiness to take risks proved to be successful from the very beginning. With many, sometimes spectacular, salvage operations in which larger competitors had already failed, and innumerable assistance and rescue operations at sea, he rapidly acquired for himself the reputation of being able to manage the apparently impossible.

During the "economic miracle" of the 1950īs and the development of the fishing industry in Cuxhaven, assistance to seagoing vessels became an important area of business. In the following years too, our company repeatedly reacted with the future in mind, adapting itself to market developments and opening up new fields of business. In this way, from 1975, the area of maritime transport by pontoons was built up, and a branch established in Rostock soon after the reunification of Germany.

Today our company is managed by the fourth generation of the Wulf family, and offers a range of services extending far beyond salvage and assistance at sea. We are now a modern seagoing towing and transport business, which from its locations of Cuxhaven and Rostock services its customers flexibly, competently, quickly and reliably throughout the whole North European sea area. With tailor-made solutions for every logistics challenge, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.